Is it safe?
Modern fencing is an extremely safe sport. At SFFC, protective equipment and close supervision create a safe and fun atmosphere parents can have confidence in.
How do I enroll for a class?
You can contact the club either by phone at 415.668.3623 or by email at to register.
When do I enroll?
Enrollment is continuous – Start anytime!
What equipment to I need?
Most equipment is provided for beginners. It is recommended that you bring a water bottle.
What should I wear to class?
Gym pants, sneakers, and loose clothing are the most comfortable for fencing practice. Tennis shoes are also recommended.
How much does it cost?
Classes start at $200 per month. Contact the club manager about private lessons with a coach.
Is there a minimum age requirement?

Children as young as 7 enjoy the club!

Do you host birthdays?
Yes! The cost is $350 for the use of our facility for 3 hours. This includes an instructor experienced with children’s fencing. Contact the club for additional details.