About us

The Olympic sport of fencing has a tradition of encouraging excellence, from fitness and self-confidence to competitive success and admission to the nation’s top schools.

San Francisco Fencers’ Club specializes in identifying and nurturing young talent in a fun and active atmosphere. Our international coaching staff develops programs for both recreational and competitive fencers.

Classes are available for all experience levels, with beginning classes starting monthly. Children as young as five years are encouraged to attend!

Our Method

San Francisco Fencers’ Club has created an acclaimed program that balances an inclusive environment with an emphasis on athletic achievement and measurable outcomes.

This balance is made possible by an extremely high coach-to-student ratio. Coaches and staff are mentors and role models who are united in the care and development of our athletes.

Our Facility

San Francisco Fencers’ Club is a purpose-renovated state-of-the-art fencing facility. It features a sprung wood fencing surface and modern Olympic style electronic scoring equipment.

We offer a full service in-house armory for equipment sales and repair.

Other amenities include equipment lockers for rent and a parents lounge area.

What Parents Say...

“SFFC is a wonderful fencing club! The coaches are the best, the owners have created a very supportive environment for our kids, and the other fencing families have become a very special community to us. I highly recommend it to any family who is considering fencing for their child or as an adult!”
– Carol Hee, mother of Sabrina Y12 fencer and RYC gold medalist

“Nadiya is truly amazing and Ever loves her, and so do I. I feel really fortunate that Ever is part of a club with so many talented and caring coaches.”
– Venus D’Amore, mother of Ever Y14 fencer

“San Francisco Fencers Club introduced our family to the beautiful and rigorous sport of foil fencing. My daughters have been fencing at the SFFC for the past five years and they love it. The coaches have diverse styles, but all are outstanding teachers and are wonderful with children. As a group, the coaches are patient and supportive of kids who do not have competitive fencing in their blood and just fence for recreation, but they also have the skill and experience to coach children with the drive and talent to be an elite fencers. The club owner and manager, Miriam, is extremely kind and wants the children to thrive in the club regardless of their ambition or ability. The best part of SFFC is the spirit of camaraderie at the club. My daughters have made many great friends and had many great experiences because of SFFC.”
– Jonathan Terdiman & Madhulika Varma, parents of Mira & Joya Y12 fencers

“Fencing with SFFC has been an incredibly positive experience for our children. The training sessions are rigorous but fun for the kids and the culture of our community (club leadership, parents, kids) is uniformly supportive. The coaches are fantastic and they deliver world class instruction and on-strip strategy with a consistently positive and encouraging attitude. Our family is very grateful to be part of SFFC!”
– Victoria & Jonathan Zaroff, parents of Roxanne, Eliza & Leo

“Our daughter has been part of the San Francisco Fencers Club (SFFC) for over 4 years now.  She could not be happier: learning from some of the finest coaches in the Bay Area while developing strong friendship with her SFFC teammates.  The SFFC provides for both fencers and parents an outstanding, yet nurturing, fencing training environment — unmatched anywhere else.  Furthermore, SFFC fencers have periodic opportunities to train with Olympic and World levels fencing guests. Finally, the SFFC competition girls are both talented and supportive of each others; and so is the entire SFFC parent community.”
Christine Dinh-Tan, mother of Delphine, Y14 fencer and RYC silver medalist