Our Staff

Ryan CheungRyan began his fencing pursuit in college and competed for ten years until 1998.  Since then Ryan continues to train and play sports. From 2005 Ryan has been an avid squash player and competes regionally.  He brings his multi-sport training and competing experience to teaching youth and adult fencers.  “Top athletes today across many amateur and professional sports look to develop the athlete first and player second.  ‘You must get fit to play, not play to get fit’ is the motto for the competitive athlete.  At the top level of fencing, athletes work a majority of their training off the strip.  I’m committed to teaching fencers of all levels the rigor of athletic competing built around physical and mental training accompanied by the techniques and skills of fencing movements.

Armorer Bijan Hooshnam

Our armorer, Bijan, provides reliable equipment repair services that are conveniently available at the club. Rest assured that all of our equipment repairs will be timely, and satisfaction guaranteed.

For armory inquiries, feel free to contact Bijan at bijan@sffencers.com or 408.306.9908.